New Retirement Income Planning Book Available

April 2, 2018
Jamie Hopkins

Professor Jamie Hopkins Releases His New Retirement Income Planning Book

Professor Jamie Hopkins released his new retirement income planning book this year, Rewirement: Rewiring The Way You Think About Retirement. American’s struggle with behavioral biases and misconceptions that hurts their retirement planning. In this new book, Jamie discusses how you can change the way you think about retirement. Income planning is very different from savings. People need to focus on risks like sequence of returns, inflation, and longevity. These risks really don’t present themselves until you hit the income phase.

Additionally, Jamie talks about useful debt management strategies and how to prioritize debt in retirement. Housing wealth is one of those areas. Mortgages can be a drain, but often are useful planning vehicles. With comparatively low cost to borrowing, reverse mortgages and traditional mortgages can be useful retirement income tools, which goes against what many people initially believe.

To learn more about the book read this recent InvestmentNews article.

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