Millennial Managers A Guide For Successful Management

July 9, 2017
Jamie Hopkins

Millennial Managers Need Help In Workplace

Millennial managers are taking over the workplace. By 2050 they will control the American office. However, many are ill-equipped to lead today. A recent Harvard Business Review report found that older workers distrust millennial managers and do not view them as role models. This is a real issue. As more and more millennials take the reigns of management, organizational effectiveness will hinge on their leadership and management skills. Both companies and millennials need to take on responsibility for improvement. This means that millennials will have to buck some of their common stereotypes by working late and leading by example.

However, millennials won’t be able to do it alone. Success will also require older generations to buy into a new management style and follow their manager’s lead. This does not mean the older generations can’t push back in certain ways, but they need to understand that change is happening. Millennials often have different challenges than previous generations but a lot also stays the same.

Check out this quote from the article “Ultimately, millennial managers will need to lead by example. Because many older employees are hesitant to accept them as role models, they will need to demonstrate their work ethic, leadership, and trustworthiness over time. This might mean Millennials need to be the first ones in the office in the morning and the last ones out the door at night. It also means they must understand the needs of employees of any generation so that they can help them achieve their own goals and the overall goals of the organization.”

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To learn more, read this recent Forbes article by Jamie Hopkins and Bryan Yackulic. Bryan is the Assistant Director of the Chartered Leadership Fellow® Program at The American College. He is also an Adjunct Professor of Management at The American College of Financial Services.

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